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What is after death?

Science has no answer for this question, religion does. The problem  then is to pick one. The question of where humans go after death is one of life's  greatest mysteries. U (MORE)

What is it after death?

An eternal life, the quality of it is varying how righteous we are while we are here on earth. A: Death is the final breakdown of a living system unable to sustain its bas (MORE)

Types of death for the death penalty?

(in the US) Lethal Injection - gas chamber - electrocution -  hanging - and in some states you may still choose death by firing  squad.
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What is a death Death Adder?

A Death Adder - is a highly-venomous snake - native to Australia and New Guinea.
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What do you do after a death?

The first thing you should do is contact the deceased's doctor to certify the person has died, then after a doctor has attended and certified the death, you should then contac (MORE)