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Death the leveller poem summary?

death the leveller is a poem by James Shirley which is about death. it comprises three octaves, it has a very dark tone and really gives you a scary image. this is because it (MORE)

An irishman foresees his death poem?

  I believe its called 'An Irish AIrmen Foresees His Death', by WB Yeats. It goes "I know now I shall meet my fate Somewhere among the clouds above Those I fight I d (MORE)
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How long does a mother grieve the death of a child?

As long as it takes. The death of a child is particularly difficult; they weren't old like your grandparents.... The grief process differs for different people. My sister cr (MORE)

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What does the Bible say about grieving and death?

The Bible states that mourning and suffering will last for awhile  while on Earth. Grieving and death will be no more once a person  dies and goes to Heaven to be with God. (MORE)