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How much does death row cost?

The study estimates that the average cost to Maryland taxpayers for  reaching a single death sentence is $3 million - $1.9 million more  than the cost of a non-death penalty (MORE)

When did Tupac join Death Row?

He joined it in 95. october after suge knight bailed him out on 1.5 million bail. at the time he was serving sentence in a New York prison, in exchange PAC had to release 3 al (MORE)
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How does it feel to be on death row?

Nobody that has been on death row can tell you, unless they were proven innocent before they went to "the chair." Even though not too many people can tell you, I can tell you (MORE)

How do you beat death row the game?

1. Buy mirror for 150$ 2. Play HangMan until you have 25 respect. 3. Let him sleep and turn off the lights. As soon as you get 2+ mood turn the lights on and off. This way (MORE)

Who bought death row records?

'John Payne' is Death Row's current president and answering the question: A woman named 'Susan Berg' apparently bought the label back in 2008. She paid 24 million dollars for (MORE)

Who owns Death Row Records?

Death Row Records is owned by WIDEawake Entertainment Group, Inc. On January 15, 2009, WIDEawake Entertainment purchased Death Row Records for $18,000,000.
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Do criminals on death row commit suicide?

Yes it has happened many times. It does seem strange than someone would kill himself/herself when he/she is already guaranteed to die, but this happens because the inmates wan (MORE)