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How do you win a debate?

This isn't necessarily going to make you win, but it will help you... some tips: 1) Be prepared for hard questions- if you are not prepared, you might feel embarrassed if peop (MORE)
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What is the debaters argument?

I will do my best. I'm not sure if there is a such thing as THE debaters argument, but the way I know the phrase is from a Platonic dialogue called the Meno. In it Socrates di (MORE)
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What is the noun of debatable?

The root of debatable is debate; an argument or discussion. Debate is both a noun and verb.
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What you do in a debate?

Okay so basically debating consists of one topic which can be a statement or question, for an example I'll use the topic "that homework should be banned in school" you have (MORE)

What were the Putney Debates?

The Putney Debates are a documentation of the discussion between members of the England Army, they are trying to comprehend what England's constitution originally meant and if (MORE)

What is debate?

engaging in argument or discussion in one ore more of various settings such as social, legislative, factual, opinionated, as well as many other environments

What do you do before a debate?

You should get to know both sides of the argument. That way it is easier to understand and subvert an opponents arguments. You should probably have at least 1 or 2 statistics (MORE)
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How does debate work?

There are various forums and mediums of debate but in an overall  sense, a debate ought to be a structured set of speeches and  questioning periods. Speeches set ground basi (MORE)
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What are the benefits of debates?

Debating is a vital form of communication in our society and has been since ancient times. Debating allows individuals to express themselves, persuade others and provide commu (MORE)