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Who is debating?

  Debating is not a person. It is the act of arguing over a point in a formal and professional way. It has 3 speakers on each each side, (Affirmative and Negative). It wil (MORE)

The great debaters?

The Great Debaters was a 2007 period drama based on the  historically black Wiley College debate team in the 1930s. The film  depicts the team beating the Harvard University (MORE)
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What was the great debate?

  The great debate was the debate between Canada and the British colony to change the flag. There was one thing that was in their way, and that was the British wanting to (MORE)

What is debate?

engaging in argument or discussion in one ore more of various settings such as social, legislative, factual, opinionated, as well as many other environments

How can you be a good debator?

To be a good debator it is necessary that you do not have direct eye contact with the audience. Always look just above the eye level and speak freely. The moment one makes dir (MORE)
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What side of the debate are you on?

This is a question that cannot be answered. It depends on your personal belief and the motion of the debate. It is only when there is an argument can there be a debate.
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What is a pendulum debate?

A debate in which the momentum shifts back and forth between the debaters as to who is currently winning.
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What you do in a debate?

Okay so basically debating consists of one topic which can be a statement or question, for an example I'll use the topic "that homework should be banned in school" you have (MORE)
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What is the format of debate?

In debate, there is a proposition and an opposition. There is first an introduction speech and then the debate begins. First, the proposition 1st speaker speaks for 5 minutes. (MORE)