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How do you become a debutante?

Becoming a Debutnate . My daughter was nominated by either a teacher or counselor at her school. My understanding is that you must have at least a 3.0 GPA . They also wan (MORE)

What is a debutante ball?

A debutante ball is a formal dance where young girls " come out " in society . This is not much in fasion anymore, with the exception of the upper clasees . It is meant for th (MORE)

What are the requirements for a debutante?

To make an official entry into adult society as a debutante needs money. Social connections considered to be 'good', frequently through family, are to some extent also necessa (MORE)

What are some benefits in becoming a Debutante?

Debutante balls or cotillions as they are sometimes called main purpose is to raise funds for the host organization, which is usually a non-profit. Often the young ladies are (MORE)
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Gifts for a debutante?

A good gift for a debutante is something that she can treasure forever. A gift that will serve as a remembrance on her day special day for the rest of her life. I am talking a (MORE)