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What is decantation?

Decantation is a fast method for separating a mixture of a liquid and a heavier solid. In this process , first the solid impurities are allowed to sediment at the bottom of th (MORE)
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What is decanting?

In chemistry carefully pouring off the liquid (mother liquor) from the precipitate. It depends which one is of interest as to what hpppens next.
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What is meant by decantation?

Answer 1Until a Chemist can give a "chemistry" answer, I will use the answer from the perspective of wine making. Wine has many solids suspended in the raw fermentation batch. (MORE)

How do you Decant wine?

  Answer   Old wines need a few moments of decanting before serving to ensure that the wines clarity and brillance are not obscured by any deposits that might have de (MORE)

What is a decanter?

A decanter, carafe, or flagon, is a stoppered glass container such as is used for wine.
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How does decanting work?

Decanting works by letting the residue settle to the bottom of a container and then careful pouring the liquid down a stirrer and it then ends up in another container. the res (MORE)

What is decant oil?

Decant oil is a heavy oil that is recovered from the bottom of a  Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit and the Mesaieed refinery. It is high  in density and high sulphur content bu (MORE)

Decantation and filtration?

Filtration is the process of using a filter to mechanically separate a mixture of solids and fluids. Depending on the application, the solid, the fluid, or both may be isolate (MORE)
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What is the use of a decanter?

A decanter is an object that is used to hold the decantation of a liquid which may contain sediment. Essentially, it used for wine to increase the taste and quality.
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