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What is decapitation?

Having your head chopped off. Decapitation means to remove the head. It comes from two words 'de' which means off or without and 'capo' which means head. It is usually used wh (MORE)
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Can you live after a decapitation?

No you can't if your head and body are REMOVED from each other, but if it is orthopedic decapitation, then you have a 1 to 2 percent chance of living. orthopedic decapita (MORE)
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Can you see after decapitation?

\n. \nI have heard a lot of debate about this.. I have heard that you can see for 3 seconds after you've been decapitated, because that's how long it takes for the blood to s (MORE)

What is internal decapitation?

Originally answered by K9dogluvr..... "Internal decapitation is the breaking of the spinal cord without the loss of one's head, breaking the essential nerves controlling th (MORE)

When you get decapitated can you talk?

Not if your decapitation occurs at the base of the neck. You have no way to expel air through your vocal chords, so therefore you will not be able to speak. However, if you ge (MORE)

Was sam kinison decapitated?

Sam Kinison was a stand-up comedian and actor. He was not decapitated. He died on the 10th April 1992 at the age of 32. The cause of his death was when his car struck a pick u (MORE)
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What is a decapitating fly?

Decapitating fly is a bug that is like a fire ant. This insectlooks like a ant with wings.