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Features of deccan?

Air Deccan was the first airline in the history of Indian Aviation industry that offered the fares for just Rs 1 to Rs 500/- and dropped fares when fuel prices increased. The ( Full Answer )
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What are the Deccan traps?

The Deccan Traps is a plateau in India. It formed from cracks or holes (called vents) in the crust of earth. So, the molten rocks called magma emerged out from the mantle on t ( Full Answer )
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Are there rivers in the Deccan plateau?

Yes there are, the Godavari River, the Indravati River, The Tungabhadra River, the Krishna River, the Bhima River, the Kaveri River, the Narmada River and the Tapti River bein ( Full Answer )
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What is flora and fauna of Deccan plateau?

Flora Much of the Deccan plateau was dominated by teak (Tectona grandis) or sal (Shorea robusta) woodland but the defining species of this ecoregion is or was the 15m-25 ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Deccan plateau important?

It's important because it was very rich in mineral wealth, and it had many other natural resources found there. I hope this helped! :)
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Which rocks are found in Deccan Plateau?

Deccan Plateau are pre-Cambrian Blocks. Formed around 600 million year ago.Plateau formation start when there was no life on earth(On Geological Time Scale 4 billion year ago) ( Full Answer )
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What is deccan Plateau?

Deccan plateau is a large plateau in India which covers the majority of the southern part of the country.
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What is deccan plateu?

it is a big plateu in south west india in the city of deccan .....................................................................................................i think lol ( Full Answer )
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What does a Deccan Chronicle cover?

The Deccan Chronicle covers the latest news from India and around the world, Sports, Business, Bollywood, Hollywood, Science and many more different topics.