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What is the tort of deceit?

That is when you intentionally lie to person about the potency of an object that the person depends on, which put the person at a detriment because the depended on the objects (MORE)

What does deceit mean?

Deceit means a trick or a lie. Deceit describes the act ofdeception, fooling another person into believing something false.

What is evolution deceit?

Evolutionists themselves would find the asking of the question offensive, although if they are honest they will admit that there have been a number of frauds committed in the (MORE)

What does deceitful mean?

The word deceitful means: intended to deceive (intended to trick or mislead someone), fallacious, fraudulent. In law, it specifically refers to the tort of fraud or misreprese (MORE)

Are liberals deceitful?

My Legal Ethics teacher made a really good point the other day - we place way too much value on our ideologies. Are you a Democrat or a Republican, are you a liberal or conser (MORE)