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What is the tort of deceit?

That is when you intentionally lie to person about the potency of an object that the person depends on, which put the person at a detriment because the depended on the objects ( Full Answer )
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What does deceit mean?

Deceit means a trick or a lie. Deceit describes the act ofdeception, fooling another person into believing something false.
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What is evolution deceit?

Evolutionists themselves would find the asking of the question offensive, although if they are honest they will admit that there have been a number of frauds committed in the ( Full Answer )
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What does deceitful mean?

The word deceitful means: intended to deceive (intended to trick or mislead someone), fallacious, fraudulent. In law, it specifically refers to the tort of fraud or misreprese ( Full Answer )
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Deceit in a sentence?

A sentence with the word deceit is: He may use deceit to reach his goal.
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A sentence for deceit?

The deceit of the democrat party will cause a shift of the independent voters in 2012.
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Are liberals deceitful?

My Legal Ethics teacher made a really good point the other day - we place way too much value on our ideologies. Are you a Democrat or a Republican, are you a liberal or conser ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell deceite?

The correct spelling is deceit. It means lying. A bad sentence because I don't need to use both words, just one OR the other. The liar was deceitful. Better sentences: ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition to deceit?

noun . 1. The act or practice of deceiving; deception.. 2. A stratagem; a trick.. 3. The quality of being deceitful; falseness..
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What is the abstract for deceitful?

The abstract noun form of the adjective deceitful is deceitfulness . The word deceitful is the adjective form of the abstract noun deceit .