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Why do people deceive?

  Answer   because they can, and it is a game to not get cought and if you do catch them out or come close to catching them they withdrawl, and try to change the subj (MORE)

What does looks can be deceiving?

Someone may be putting on a show for you but they may have other intentions than what they are leading you onto.   Jesus said beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing. He/She (MORE)

What is deceiving?

decieving is when you break your heart...i think   When you lie to someone or make them believe something untrue is true and vice versa
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A sentence for deceive?

In order to deceive a buyer, a used-car seller sometimes turns back the mileage counter on the carA business owner who tries to deceive customers should be reported to the pol (MORE)

Was eve a deceiver?

The cosmic plan had to be carried out, Eve was only the median, this is my belief.Just as in our life we are unable control some aspects of the outcome and have to lets nature (MORE)