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Why do people deceive?

  Answer   because they can, and it is a game to not get cought and if you do catch them out or come close to catching them they withdrawl, and try to change the subj (MORE)

What does looks can be deceiving?

Someone may be putting on a show for you but they may have other intentions than what they are leading you onto.   Jesus said beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing. He/She (MORE)

What does appearances can be deceiving mean?

This is a cliche or saying that warns people to be careful about  relying on first impressions or the way something looks, as these  superficial features can hide a very dif (MORE)

Is it wrong for Odysseus to deceive his wife?

yes it is very, very wrong:( Answer 2: No. He does it for a purpose which help both of them live happier lives. Further, he needs to preserve his life so that the suitors do (MORE)

Who was Jacob deceived into marrying?

Jacob could not marry any of the mortals in the land, but was told to marry a cousin. Jacob's uncle Labon and his two cousins, Leah and Rachel, lived in the city of Haran. Jo (MORE)
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What is the suffix using -tion for deceive?

This one is a tricky word to add the suffix. It requires you to  completely change the base word. Deceive becomes deception.
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How does Friar Lawrence deceive the Capulets?

He conspires with Juliet to make them think she is dead when she is not. And he leads them to believe that he will perform a marriage ceremony between Juliet and Paris when he (MORE)