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What is deceiving?

decieving is when you break your heart...i think   When you lie to someone or make them believe something untrue is true and vice versa
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How can appearances be deceiving?

What someone looks like does not always tell who they are. One common example would be a guy with long hair. Many people will assume he is a pot head or drug addict, but while (MORE)

How do you deceive an Aquarius?

Discretion is the better part of valor. Therefore, it would be prudent not to deceive someone born under the sign of Aquarius (or under any other sun sign, for that matter).
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Is deceiving haraam?

Yes it is a major sin in the sight of Allah. This started when Shaytaan tricked Adam (A.S) and his wife Hawaa into eating from the tree Allah had forbidden them from eating.
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Was eve a deceiver?

The cosmic plan had to be carried out, Eve was only the median, this is my belief.Just as in our life we are unable control some aspects of the outcome and have to lets nature (MORE)

How was Isaac deceived?

He was old and nearly blind. His wife Rebekah disguised his son Jacob with a goat's skin, so when the aged Isaac touched him, he felt the hairy pelt and thought he was talking (MORE)