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What was the NASDAQ closing price on December 29 2006?

The Nasdaq Composite Index - closed on December 29, 2006 the day (and the year) at 2,415.29. DJI closed the same day at 12,463.15 (+ 6,4% growth 2007-2006).   This year's (MORE)

How did December get its name?

December got its name because it was the tenth month in the old  Roman calendar which started the year in the Spring.
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What can 29 be divided by?

29 is a prime number and cannot be divided by any whole number that is less than it, except for 1. 14.5 is the closest I could find to a whole number, with the answer being 2. (MORE)
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What can you multiply to get 29?

1 and 29. 29 is a prime number, meaning that no other two integers can multiply together and have 29 as a product.