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What is 25th of December?

Only the most important day of the year to some religions. This is Christmas Day; the day that our savior Jesus Christ was born. Santa Claus comes to houses every Christmas Ev (MORE)

Why is it cold in December?

Well in other places such as were I come from, Australia, its not cold. In fact, its boiling hot! See the way the earth tilts causes the weather. If the Earth's northern hemis (MORE)

How did December get its name?

December got its name because it was the tenth month in the old  Roman calendar which started the year in the Spring.
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What happened on December 16 1773?

The Boston Tea Party! The Boston tea Party is not a tea party that  we are used to! King George the Third was putting taxes on tea and  the colonists didn't want it. The Son (MORE)

What does December mean?

  In Latin, decem means "ten". December was also the tenth month in the Roman calendar until a monthless winter period was divided between January and February.
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What is 'December' in Gaelic?

There are actually three Gaelic languages, all distinct, so: Irish is "Mí na Nollag" (month of Christmas) Scottish Gaelic is "An Dùbhlachd" Manx: Mee ny Nollick
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How cold is Bethlehem in December 25?

Bethlehem is indeed very cold on 25th december.So people say jesus could not be born as no sheperds would keep their flocks in the open then.
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Is Hanukkah in December?

The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, whilst the Gregorian calendar is a Solar Calendar, therefore they have different months. Often the Hebrew month of Kislev, which is (MORE)