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What are factorsof 'decentralization'?

Answer . Delegating Supervision: Overview It is impractical for the supervisor to handle all of the work of the department directly. In order to meet the organization's g (MORE)
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What are factors of decentralization?

Within any company, there are two types of organization - Formal Structure and Informal Structure. Both effect the organization and relationships between staffs. . The for (MORE)
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What is decentralization?

Decentralization is the dispersing of power or operators away froma single authority or location. This is often done with theadministrative and executive powers of a governmen (MORE)
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What does decentralization mean?

Decentralization is the social process in which population and industry moves from urban centers to outlying districts.
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What are the disadvantages of decentralization?

1.It breaks bureaucratic red tape. 2.Has promoted participation in decision making by local people. 3.Gives people powers to solve their problems at local levels. 4.It brings (MORE)
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What is political decentralization?

Political decentralization is the spreading of power from a centralgovernment to that of its people or representatives. This group isalso charged with the formation and implem (MORE)
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What is defacto decentralization?

In general terms, any "de facto" decentralization is an increase infreedom and initiative (and, at the same time, responsibility) forprivate businesses and individuals that is (MORE)
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What is a decentralized system?

A decentralized business is a business that delegates it's decision making away from the top of the business this is referring to the executive mangers at the top of the organ (MORE)
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What is decentralization-?

Decentralization refers to the social process whereby industriesare moved from the urban centers to the rural areas.