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What are the Decepticons?

The Decepticons are a faction of the Ciebretri race, whose allegiance to their Autobot brethren was diminished as they became a far more powerful creed then they had been. The (MORE)
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What are the Decepticons names?

Frenzy, Barricade, Bonecrusher, Blackout, Scorponok, Megatron ,Starscream, Devastator (Brawl), The Fallen, Demolisher, Mixmaster, Soundwave, Grtindor, Ravage, Devastator,

What is the coordinate code for hut for the decepticons?

It's a 14 numbered code that you can get in any Classes of the following: Scout , Legends , Deluxe , Voyager , Leader ,and Battle Ops Bumblebee . You can unlock games as you p (MORE)
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Are decepticons evil?

Yes, of course decepticons are very evil. They wanted to destroy humans and the Earth. They also wanted to destroy the autobots (the ones that protects the Earth), too.
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Why the decepticons died?

Because they were killed by the autobots for good. They died after getting killed by the autobots for killing innocent humans.

How to kill a decepticon?

To kill a decepticon, you must deliver a massive thrust punch. As an without, if the decepticon survives a punch, try picking something up and toss it right at him or her. You (MORE)