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Is decide a noun?

No, the word decide is a verb (decide, decides, deciding, decided); to come to a resolution in the mind as a result of consideration; to make a choice.
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What is the adverb for decide?

The adverb form of the adjective "decided" is decidely  (which means very or extremely).
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Who decides what is ethical?

  The people is a society decide what is ethical based on their collective understanding of what is right and wrong. Usually the dominant religion of the region is the fra (MORE)

If a jury can not decide?

It is called a "hung" jury. Usually the judge will instruct them to go back and keep trying and to re-consider their positions, but if it is an issue that cannot be resolved, (MORE)

Who decide the Salary?

Generally, either the hiring manager or someone a level or two  above them decides what a salary will be for a given position (or  there is at least a range they have in min (MORE)
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Is decided noun?

no, decided is not a noun because a noun is a person, place, or thing decided is none of these so it is an adjective describing what the noun has decided
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What is the difference between had decided and has decided?

Example Sentences are the order of the day:   "Dinie Slothouber had decided to move on from Mitch Longley... but  then she thought better of it."   "Dinie Slothouber (MORE)