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How do you be more decisive?

I am dealing with this myself. My ex boyfriend and I have been talking recently and one of the things that he loses patience with is my indecisiveness. Providing vague, recond (MORE)

What is a binding decision?

A binding decision is when you will have to follow the decision made by a 3rd party or a court(a judge). Arbitration is an example of binding decision
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Do your peers decisions affect your decisions?

The decisions of peers do have an influence, although the influence isn't always obvious. All of our experiences (whether with peers, parents, or anything else) affect our "gu (MORE)

What is a hard decision?

The meaning of a "hard decision" depends on the context. . "Firing my longest-serving employee was a hard decision to make" > Here, hard means difficult and perhaps uncomf (MORE)

What is binding decision?

Bind or binding means to impose one or more legal duties on a person or institution. For example, the parties are bound by the terms of the contract; the courts are bound by p (MORE)
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What is prufrock's decision?

I'm not sure it matters. I think that's one of his main points. He's not "Hamlet," the main character who's decision changes the course of the whole play.

Are all decisions economic decisions?

Economic factors are very important, but people do sometimes make decisions for other reasons. For example, if I decide to buy a blue shirt rather than a brown shirt, and both (MORE)

What is a certain decision?

A certain decision would be a decision that you have absolutely no doubts to. But if it's used in a context where it is relatable to a known decision then a certain decision w (MORE)