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What is an informed decision?

An informed decision is a decision made after learning relevant facts (informing oneself) about the focus of the decision. For example, a person might make an informed decisio (MORE)

What is programmed decision?

Decisions made in response to a situation that has occurred often  enough to enable decision rules to be developed and applied in the  future. A programmed decision is a dec (MORE)

What is an unilateral decision?

A unilateral decision is a decision made without the consideration  of opposing opinions or viewpoints.
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What is an arbitrators decision?

An 'arbitrator" is a neutral third party who mediates disputes between parties and tries to arrive at an equitable understanding between them. He takes the facts and circumsta (MORE)

What is a binding decision?

A binding decision is when you will have to follow the decision made by a 3rd party or a court(a judge). Arbitration is an example of binding decision

What is a decision in programming?

A decision is a statement that makes the CPU compare two or more values in a TRUE-or-FALSE way. Once a decision is evaluated, it usually leads to control being diverted to a d (MORE)