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How did Decius persecute Christians?

A:Decius, emperor of Rome 249-251, considered Christianity to be a recent and criminal superstition. It was also noted that the Church hierarchy seemed to enrich itself at the (MORE)

Why is decius more successful in persuading Caesar than calpurnia?

Decius knows what Caesar likes to hear . He knows that Caesar could easily be flattered by words of praise. So, he used such a language which flattered Caesar completely where (MORE)

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What are the arguments put forward by decius brutus to convince Caesar to go to the capitol?

Decius brutus being a great flatterer,calls that calpurnia's dream about ceaser is lucky and fortunate one. His statue spouting blood in many pipes signifies his influence and (MORE)

What did Decius do?

He suppressed uprisings of Germanic tribes along the Danube, he defeated Philip the Arab at Verona, he issued a series of coins featuring past 'good' emperors, and he issued a (MORE)