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What is a homestead declaration?

A homestead law protects homeowners from losing their homes to creditors. Homestead laws vary widely among different states. In Florida and Texas, the homestead laws prevent a (MORE)

Is my breda brescia shotgun a magnum how 2 tell?

If it indicates that it will accept a 3 inch shell, it is a magnum. If it is marked 2 3/4 inches, it is not. Unmarked- not.
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Example of declarative?

Below are some declarative sentences. Tomorrow is the first day of summer. Mud keeps pigs cool. Her favorite color is pink. The kids want a puppy. The cereal box is empty. Th (MORE)

What is a Declaration of Condominium?

The recorded instrument that is sometimes called a Declaration ofCondominium is the legal document that actually creates acondominium development under relevant state law. I (MORE)

How do you declare a MIA?

Militaries have various designations defining the status of a  service member. These range from a minor unauthorized absence (UA),  to a more serious absent without leave (A (MORE)