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Is the USS Nimitz CVN68 decommissioned?

Nope - she's still running. Nimitz was commissioned in 1975, and she underwent a major refueling and overhaul in 2001. The Nimitz-class carriers are designed for a 50 year lif (MORE)

Why do they sink decommissioned ships?

  From the late 1880's up until the 1960's they were sunk to TEST weapons and train personnel in the operating of those same weapons; training purposes.   Today, Enviro (MORE)

What happens to decommissioned aircraft carriers?

Nearly all decommissioned aircraft carriers are (sooner or later) re-cycled (scrapped). Rare exceptions are the USS Saratoga which was sunk as a nuclear target at Bikini Islan (MORE)

How do you decommission a cold water pipe?

Turn off at curb stop to decommission whole house or building. Inside of house or building, turn off valve at main water supply at meter and cut and cap cold water line to be (MORE)

What is a decommissioned gun?

A decommissioned weapon is one that has been PERMANENTLY altered so that it can never again, be fired.
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When a nuclear power plant is decommissioned what happens after that?

  From the Nuclear Regulatory Commission website: Decommissioning involves removing the spent fuel (the fuel that has been in the reactor vessel), dismantling any systems (MORE)

Why is decommissioning power plants dangerous?

Components in the reactor inside the primary shielding will be radioactive, even after all the fuel has been removed. Provided everything is monitored and assessed properly an (MORE)
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What is nuclear power plant decommissioning?

It is safely disposing of the bits of a burned out power station. (As nuclear fission gives off neutrons, anything near a nuclear fission reaction itself becomes radioactive o (MORE)
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When was USS NC Battleship decommissioned?

After serving as a training vessel for midshipmen, the USS North Carolina Battleship was decommissioned 27 June 1947 and placed in the Inactive Reserve Fleet in Bayonne, New J (MORE)