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What is anoxic decomposition?

Anoxic decomposition is a biological process  in which a certain group of microorganisms use chemically combined  oxygen, such as that found in nitrite and nitrate. The orga (MORE)
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What is decomposition?

Chemical decomposition is the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler substances. In biology, it refers to the breakdown of organic animal and plant tissues into the el (MORE)

What is the decomposition reaction?

A decomposition reaction is where one single compound breaks down into two or more simpler chemicals. An example of this is the decomposition of zinc carbonate, represented by (MORE)
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What is thermal decomposition?

in English it is basically breaking something down using heat --------------- Thermal decomposition is a chemical reaction of decomposition underthe effect of high temperatur (MORE)

Decomposition of plastic?

Sunlight can break down plastic. Overtime exposing a large piece of  plastic to the sun will cause it to turn into little pieces of  plastic. Warm salt water and sun can deg (MORE)

Who invented decomposition?

Nobody 'invented' decomposition ! ALL living matter eventually  decomposes - as it has done since the universe was formed !
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