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Example of deconstruction?

The word deconstruction means to analyze something very critically.Usually the analysis is of philosophical and literary language thatare part of the conceptual systems.

How do you deconstruct a text?

look at the syntax and Diction used in the passage of text and analyze or interpret it. There really aren't many wrong answers.. look at the syntax and Diction used in the pa (MORE)

WHAT IS deconstructive forces?

A deconstructive force is something that destroys or takes apart sediment, such as erosion or weathering. Examples: Mammoth Cave, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Read more: htt (MORE)

How are volcanoes deconstructive?

Volcanoes are considered destructive because they omit ash andtoxic gas into the air killing anything that breathes it in.Volcanoes also burn and kill anything that their lava (MORE)

What is deconstructed food?

It's taking the parts of a dish and separating the individual components into a new usage. The pieces should be recognizable by themselves but when eaten together should bring (MORE)

What is a java deconstruct?

Every class has at least one it's ownconstructort. Constructor creates a instance for the class. Constructor initiates (initialize) something related to the class's methods. C (MORE)