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Example of deconstruction?

The word deconstruction means to analyze something very critically.  Usually the analysis is of philosophical and literary language that  are part of the conceptual systems. (MORE)

What does deconstructing a dish mean?

What is "deconstruction"? According to the Food Network "Deconstruction," a term coined by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, that refers to a style of literary analysi (MORE)

What is deconstructed food?

It's taking the parts of a dish and separating the individual components into a new usage. The pieces should be recognizable by themselves but when eaten together should bring (MORE)

What does Derrida means by the term Deconstruction explain in detail the deconstruction attitude to meaning?

Deconstruction isn't really a concept or a method that can be applied to texts as such (and a lot of things in Derrida are confusing like this!) -- it's something that is evid (MORE)