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What decreases salinity?

rain, snow, and melting ice add fresh water to the ocean, lowering the salinity there. Salinity is also lower near the mouths of large rivers. These rivers empty great amounts (MORE)
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How do you decrease stamina?

Stamina increases with disuse. For example, a patient who is hospitalized can begin to lose stamina--energy and sustained energy--within 3 to 5 days of being mostly "at rest", (MORE)
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How can you decrease your height?

Yes, you can. They are several ways to do so:loosing 4 kilograms in weight will result in a loss of half an inch in height. risky - intake less calcium, which will result in (MORE)

How do you decrease manpower?

Manpower can reduced in two ways. Through scheduling the amount of  labor utilized over a duration can be decreased. Manpower can also  be eliminated outright through the te (MORE)

How do you decrease when crocheting?

  The simplest method is to just skip a stitch from the previous row (i.e. work 5 stitches where you would normally have worked 6). The alternative, slightly better, met (MORE)

How do you decrease overpopulation?

Birth control. Answer: The concerns with overpopulation is that there are getting to be too many people for each of us to get enough resources to llive our lives free of hun (MORE)

Are tornadoes decreasing?

No. Tornado activity fluctuates from year to year. If you look at  tornado activity from recent years you get the following general  values:   2008: above normal   2 (MORE)