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What Is a court decree?

A court decree is a court decision made by a judge and made public.This is an official decision that no one can overturn.
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What is a divorce decree?

A divorce decree is a legal declaration that a marriage has been finished. It comes in two stages - a decree nisi which is the provisional one and then the absolute one six we ( Full Answer )
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What is a declaratory decree?

what is a declaratory decree/judgment? pretty sure they are the similar things. For example, a party to a contract may seek the legal interpretation of a contract to determin ( Full Answer )
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Sentence with decree?

A decree went out from the emperor that all workers were to appear at the market.
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What did haman decree?

He decreed that all the Jews of Shushan, Persia should be put to death on the 15th of Adar.
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What is God's decree?

That depends on which God you believe in. Various people believe that the God they worship has made one or more decrees about how they should live.
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What is decree?

It is an announcement by an authority figure that usually has the power of being a law. Such as--> The King decreed that littering was against the law.
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What is a proposed decree?

\nProposed would mean to put out to the public, for the open, etc. A decree is like a document *legal or not*.\n. \nTake Lincoln showing the South and Europe the Emancipation ( Full Answer )
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What is an emancipation decree?

Emancipation is a court order. It gives a minor the right to contract and be responsible for themselves before they reach the age of majority. Only about half the states all ( Full Answer )
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What is decreed mean?

It is an order backed by the word of law. Such as: The king decreed that all thieves will be punished by flogging.