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Why ded leprechauns wear green?

  Irish national color, of course, also good for camouflage, and in the emerald isle, why not. There was a legend that St.Pat when pursued by Pagan baddies could mimic the (MORE)

What is current news about ded CET?

It is universe truith that D.Ed cet will not be taken in 2012. It will be in 2014/15 in may month due to roll investigation(patapadatalni). So pls prepare for other exams . (MORE)
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When do ded cet?

हे पहा d.ed cet हि २०११ ला होणार नाही आहे कारण २००९ cet च्या मधील निवडलेल्य (MORE)

Buod ng kwentong ded na si lolo?

amng buod neto ay may isang pamilya na ulila na sa ina at meron ng mga sariling buhay ang kanilang mga anak . at sa isang araw ang pamilya nila manelyn ay pinuntahan ng kanyan (MORE)

Who is dedushka moroz?

  Direct translation: "Grandfather Frost". He is a Russian character who brings children presents. Very similar to Santa Claus, he has a long white beard and wears a red c (MORE)
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Bat man and wonder woman kiss ded bat girl?

Batgirl did die in a rather smoothly-handled fall in the TV cartoon version. It was then revealed she was the daughter of Commisioner Gordon, the Police official. She is/was B (MORE)

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