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What are the best songs of the rock group Deep Purple?

Album is in brackets Black Night (Deep Purple in Rock) Fireball (Fireball) Fools (Fireball) When a Blind Man Cries (Machine Head) Space Truckin' (Machine Head) Highway Star (M (MORE)
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What does purple Yoshi do?

Purple Yoshis gain the ability to fly as long as they have a shell in their mouth, in addition to other shell abilities, e.g. a Red shell will let it fly and shoot fireballs, (MORE)

How many albums did Deep Purple produce?

Not counting lives (and counting the concerto as live); 18. Shades of Deep PurpleThe Book of TaliesynDeep PurpleDeep Purple in RockFireballMachine HeadWho Do We Think We AreBu (MORE)

What makes a purple potato purple?

They contain the same antioxidants found in blueberries- anthocyanin which gives blueberries their blue color and purple potatoes their purple color. The color that anthocyani (MORE)

Which planet is purple?

venus is the purple planet i needed to know myself for my project that im doing on the purple planet which is venus
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What rhymes with purple?

Many people think purple has no rhyming words but in fact there are  2 Gerbil and turtle. a word rhyming with purple is circle   It really depends on the occasion. It'd b (MORE)

What is the meaning of the deep purple song fools?

Interpretation of a lyric will differ from one person to another Ian Gillan would (probably) have wrote the lyric for this song and i dare say he would say it means this or th (MORE)