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How deep is 1 meter?

One metre is 3 feet 3.37 inches. If you are standing in a water 1 metre deep you would not drown, it would come somewhere around waist height.
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How much area does 1 liter of water 1mm deep cover?

A 100mm cube would contain 1 litre. If you were able to split this cube into 1mm thick slices you would have 100 slices which would be 100mm squares. If you lay these squares (MORE)

How do you install deep freeze in 1 tb hard disk?

Deep freeze installation for 1 TB and 2TB Hard disk up-to Nth level Deep freeze are not supported in 1 TB and 2TB Hard disk so another installation way are shown below STE (MORE)
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How many gallons of water does a six inch column that is 400 feet deep in the ground hold?

Answer   Assuming that the 6-in is the diameter of the column that is 400-ft long.   The volume of a cylinder equals the (area of the base)*height = h[pi]r^2   Area (MORE)
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How many liters of water to cover an acre 1 inch deep?

1 acre = 4050 square metres. 1 inch = 2,54 cm = 0.0254 metres Volume of the section = 0.0254 metres * 4050 square metres = 103 cubic metres (to three significant figures) 1 l (MORE)