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Is Deepak Chopra the president of Pitney Bowes Canada?

The Deepak Chopra whose name tends to be more familiar, has a medical degree from India and did his residency in Massachusetts. He is a practicing physician in the US with man (MORE)

How much does Priyanka Chopra weigh?

Nick Name: Sunshine, Mimi, Yanka Date of Birth (Birthday): 18 July, 1982 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Height: 5'8" Weight: 53 Kgs Chest: 35 Waist: 24 Hip: 34 Hair Color (MORE)
In Mumbai

Who is Deepak Chetty?

Deepak Chetty (born on June 26th, 1985) in Tulsa, Oklahoma is an award winning filmmaker known more recently for his films "Quanta in The Sky With Diamonds", "The Curse Of Dra (MORE)

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