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What are a crocodiles self defence mechanisms?

Crocodiles have many defense mechanisms, for which they are known. Listed below are a few.The ability to bite. Crocodiles have more bite power than any other animal, exceeding (MORE)

Defence mechanism of seahorse?

When seahorses are in a storm, they can't do anything about it. But, if they are near a predator, they will use camouflage to change blend in with their surroundings.

How do Defence mechanisms develop?

Defense mechanisms are behaviors and mental habits that we develop during childhood to withstand traumatic events. Most defense mechanisms do not interfere in our daily lives. (MORE)
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What is a shrimp's defence mechanism?

Shrimp have pincers to fight off predators. They also can flip  their tails and swim away really fast to escape. Most shrimp also  have protective coloration to help them bl (MORE)

Defence mechanism in wild mammals?

Wild mammals have a variety of defense mechanisms. For example,  animals might have claws and sharp teeth. Some animals, like the  skunk, will even emit strong, noxious odor (MORE)
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What are the defence mechanisms of desert plants?

Plant Adaptations Ephemeral Leaves - leaves lasting a markedly brief time, sometimes only a day. Found in very dry climates that have a very short rainy season, like the deser (MORE)

What are kronosaurus defence mechanism?

Kronosaurus was a 35 foot long pliosaur. Pliosaurs were large, carnivorous marine reptiles. Being an apex predator, adult Kronosaurus would have had no enemies except perhaps (MORE)