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What does defenestrated mean?

The word comes from Latin and it literally means "to throw someone or something out of a window". That of course causes great damage. The words "defenestrate" (verb) and "defe (MORE)
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What was the defenestration of Prague?

the defenstration of Prague was when Ferdinand was thrown out the window( and landed on dung, but that might not be the truth) by protestants because the protestants didnt wan (MORE)
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How do you prevent defenestration?

Defenestration is something that you definitely need protection against. People who have been defenestrated are most unfortunate, so take heed to prevent this from happening t (MORE)
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How can you use defenestrate in a sentence?

My laptop is always at risk. There is always a fair chance I may defenestrate the brazen thing, leaving its electrical remains strewn about the sidewalk.
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Can defenestrate be applied to suicide as during the Great Depression of 1929?

There have been long held urban legends that stockbrokers,devastated by losses incurred after the stock market crash,committed self-defenestration by throwing themselves from (MORE)