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What is a defense?

a defense is a line-up of the defensive players that is played against the opposing offensive team
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What is a orchid's defense?

Orchids do not have any known defenses against being eaten. Aphids,scales, mealybugs, spider mites and some other insects andarachnids may eat orchids.
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What defenses did castles have?

well back in the day they had gate houses, glacis, great chambers, great halls, inner cutains, hoardings, inner cutains, inner wards, keeps merrrrrt! love it !!!!!11
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How do octopuses defense?

In addition to having adaptable and ingenious camofluage, octopuses (as well as most cephalopods) can squirt an infamous "ink" from a special glandular pouch to enable their e (MORE)
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Why can defense be spelled defense?

American colonists changed the original British spellings of words to simplify learning to spell for their children, and also to differenciate themselves from their British ba (MORE)
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What is a jellyfishes defense?

Jellyfish defend themselves using nematocysts in their tentacles. Nematocysts are roughly the equivalent of having many tiny spears on the end of many tightly wound springs. O (MORE)
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What is a alligators defense?

An alligator can bite with over 20kN of force, whip any attacker with it's strong tail or scratch them with it's claws
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What is a mouse's defenses?

Quick speed, ability to go through spaces smaller than it, and jaws/teeth that can chew through lead pipes!
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What do wolves do for defense?

When in danger, wolves use some of the following tactics to "protect" themselves and/or avoid conflict with other wolves, species, etc.: 1. Body Language: Tail level, bristl (MORE)
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Is Self-defense is a defense to negligence.?

Depends on the situation... Of course, if a man was killing a woman through physical means orwas about to commit such actions and the woman happened to have alethal firearm a (MORE)