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What are deferred items?

Deferred items are those where money has either been paid out in advance of goods being received/work being done, or where money has been received in advance goods being sold/ (MORE)
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What is deferment?

  a postponement, a delay, typical term in a student loan when you are unable to pay, you defer your payments and allow interest to accrue, typically a bad idea, pay even (MORE)

What is a deferred judgment?

As a result of a plea agreement with the prosecution, you plead guilty to one or more charges. You are placed on probation prior to sentencing and prior to any entry of convic (MORE)

What is a deferred felony?

A deferred adjudicated felony is where the court "puts off" a finding of guilt. Most often during a deferred adjudication, the person is put on community supervision. If the t (MORE)

What is deferred tax?

Answer   Deffered Tax is the amount the payment of which you delayed to pay in future. There are many reasons for deffered taxation. There are so many expanses and incom (MORE)

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