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What is deforestation?

Deforestation is people cutting down whole forests of trees, and  making it even less likely for humans to survive. Trees supply  oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and hold dow (MORE)
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Why is deforestation good?

Answer   It can be good; it is not necessarily good.   Causes of deforestation   Deforestation happens naturally from time to time via wildfires. Trees, plants, a (MORE)

What are facts about deforestation?

Deforestation the process of destroying a forest. It is one of the two main causes of global warming. The term is used today to refer to human beings and their replacement (MORE)

Why is deforestation a problem?

One reason: the loss of trees=loss of oxygen. Many people think that "there are so many trees in the world- theres no way we'll be running out of oxygen anytime soon. Right or (MORE)

Can you reduce deforestation?

Educate people on ecological value of tree, reduce use of timber, plant. Plant more trees & protect them. Involve people in planing of afforestation specially in protection of (MORE)
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How you can stop deforestation?

The easiest is recycling. Another way we can help stop it, is by using less paper, using less paper will let us cut less trees. Also, we can plant new trees, planting new tree (MORE)
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How did deforestation occur?

Deforestation began because native people needed flat land to farm  on (for agriculture), so they cut down/burned the rainforest and  planted crops in its place. However, ra (MORE)

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