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What is disk defragmentation?

Put simply - it's the breaking up of a file into pieces so it canbe saved to disk. When you save a file, Windows simply looks for the first availablefree-space on the disk. I (MORE)

What is the definition of defragmentation?

Answer . As your computer disk is used for holding information, individual pieces of files are spread across the disk, leaving unused segments. Sometimes, when the operatin (MORE)

What is defragmention?

we store any data in memory it will not store side by side .it leaves some space for next one due to this we can't use the total memory. so0 by defragmentation, it will moves (MORE)

Why you do Disk Defragmentation?

When files are created/edited/deleted they cause gaps in your hard drive structure. When a high level of fragmentation is reached (15% and above) your system will become slowe (MORE)

How do you disk defragmenter?

\nStart/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter but the one that comes with windows is rubbish, 3rd party disk defragmenter like Defraggler are much better. (MORE)

Why is defragmentation useful?

It's like keeping your paper work in order. If your paper work was never in order then you will never know were to find what you're looking for. You will find what you're look (MORE)

Is there a Mac defragmenter?

There are only a few free ones, but you will have to Yahoo/Google to find them though. The "main" name brand utility applications have them built in, like TechToolPro, Drive (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a defragmenter?

A defragmenter is a program that clears your computer of unwanted or junk files. When your computer is old or is full of un needed files and space a defragmenter will clear th (MORE)