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How do you defy gravity on Earth?

There are many ways of defying gravity! You can jump, you can get into an airplane, rocket or even pull yourself up. If you mean negating gravity entirely, well, it isn't po (MORE)
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How do gymnasts defy gravity?

They don't. They jump higher and further because they are stronger and better at doing so, not because they can resist gravity.
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What does defy mean?

It means to not listen to ; example: not doing what your parents tell you is defiance ( to defy)
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How does telekinesis defy the laws of physics?

Technically it is "outside" the realm of physics, so is classified as "metaphysics". Physicists are not willing to include a physical force produced directly from concentratio (MORE)
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Do helicopters defy gravity?

The rotor blades are designed so that as they spin they push down  on the air, which in turn pushes up on the blades, creating lift  that acts counter to gravity.
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How does a ball defies gravity?

It doesn't. Every move a ball makes depends only on gravity and on how you threw it.
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How do jellyfish defy evolution?

I actually believe that jellyfish confirm instead of defy  evolution.    While many details of the phylogeny of Cnidarians (sea anemones,  corals, hydras and jellyfi (MORE)