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What defies reason?

If you find a moose in your backyard smoking and he starts talking to you

Who defies Creon?

Antigone , Eurydice , Haemon , and Teiresias defy Theban King Creon. The King wants those who betray Thebes to be left above ground and exposed to the elements, the dogs, (MORE)
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How do you defy fate?

Fate is a concept which cannot be proved, but if it is real then fate by definition cannot be defied.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

Is defying an adjective?

No, except unusually. The word defying is the present participle of the verb (to defy)and is also used as a noun. If used for people, the adjective would more likely be "defia (MORE)
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What is the singular of defy?

The word 'defy' is a verb (defy, defies, defying,defied). The verb form 'defy' is used for the first and second person,singular, present; and the first, second, and thrid p (MORE)

What is sentence for defies?

It defies logic how he could have survived for so long in the wilderness with a broken leg and little food.