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What is degradation?

Any act that will disturb the environment in an undesirable ordeleterious way refers to degradation. During such a process,resources such as soil, water and air are depleted.

What is forest degradation?

Degradation is when something is degraded, or made worse. Forest degradation means any negative changes in a forest that damage its productivity; any time a forest is made (MORE)

What is land degradation?

(Wrong)Answer The deterioration in quality, level, or standard of performance of a functional unit. Add on by Bunnyz98-Whovever did this answer has mental issues. (MORE)

What does degradable mean?

If something is 'degradable', it means that it can be broken down into more basic substances.. For instance, something that is biodegradable can be broken down by organic mea (MORE)

What degrades THC?

just like any plant, fruit herb or nut, fruitful or not, over a particular time period (even if vacuum sealed etc) will lose its potency, whether that be related to vitamin co (MORE)
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What is Mission Degradation?

When an asset can meet all the task standards, but cannot meet all the conditions for mission task execution. gambino