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Diaper to degrade?

I don't think diapers should be used in anger, however if diaper are used to curtale certain behavior, and it proves sucessful then great. I don't care if diapers are worn and (MORE)
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What are degradative plasmid?

  degradative plasmids are types of plasmids present in certain bacterias such as pseudomonas putida which impart the ability of degrade xenobiotic compounds such as salic (MORE)
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What is Mission Degradation?

When an asset can meet all the task standards, but cannot meet all the conditions for mission task execution. gambino
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What is Degradation Ceremony?

a degredation ceremony is pretty much when they kill your old self, break you down to the lowest of the low and they you become onee of them for example in basic training, the (MORE)
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What is forest degradation?

Degradation is when something is degraded, or made worse. Forest degradation means any negative changes in a forest that damage its productivity; any time a forest is made w (MORE)
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What does degradable mean?

  If something is 'degradable', it means that it can be broken down into more basic substances.   For instance, something that is biodegradable can be broken down by or (MORE)
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What is degradation?

Any act that will disturb the environment in an undesirable or  deleterious way refers to degradation. During such a process,  resources such as soil, water and air are depl (MORE)
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Why is slavery degrading?

Slavery is degrading in and of itself because it deprives people of  the basic human right to freedom and degrades them from full humans  into property. The practice of slav (MORE)