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What is Deism?

Answer   Deism is the belief that God created everything, and then left us alone, and is not a part of our daily lives in so far as he/she doesn't care about us from day (MORE)

Is deism a Christian?

Deism is an old and dead view of God that originated during the 1700's. It was derived from Christianity, but is much more of a heretical/skeptical view. It was an agnostic vi (MORE)

When was deism founded?

  Deism is not an organization, so there is no date of foundation per se. The first instances of persons referred to or calling themselves deists were in the 17th century, (MORE)

What are deism values?

 Deism is a form of monotheism that rejects the idea that the god intervenes in the world. Hence any notion of special revelation is impossible, and the nature of the god c (MORE)

What is the difference between theism and deism?

Theism is a belief in a God or gods, who created and now control the universe and usually intercede in human affairs. When used in relationship with deism, it usually refers (MORE)

What belief is the belief of believing in a higher power but not in any god or religion would it happen to be deism?

The name of the "belief" or "religion" that your question asks is Gnostic(ism).Gnostic's central belief is based on an awareness of of "Creator", or of a Super Conscious being (MORE)

What was the difference between Deism and Calvinism?

The main difference is that Deism is a religion of a passive god that created the universe but no longer participates in it nor has any interest in what happens in it or to th (MORE)