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What is Deism?

Answer . Deism is the belief that God created everything, and then left us alone, and is not a part of our daily lives in so far as he/she doesn't care about us from day to (MORE)
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Where did deism get its name?

The word is originally from the Latin word deus. This is the wordfor god in Latin. Deists are people who believe there is a higherpower, but it is not necessarily the Christia (MORE)
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Is deism a Christian?

Deism is an old and dead view of God that originated during the 1700's. It was derived from Christianity, but is much more of a heretical/skeptical view. It was an agnostic vi (MORE)
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When was deism founded?

Deism is not an organization, so there is no date of foundation per se. The first instances of persons referred to or calling themselves deists were in the 17th century, and t (MORE)
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What is the definition of Deism?

Deism is the form of theological rationalism that believes in God on the basis of reason without reference to revelation. Or in more simpler terms, a Deist would be someone w (MORE)
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What the symbol for the deism?

I believe that the symbol for deism is an attitude clock. I believe this because deist believe that god made the earth and does not intervene. That idea is very similar,if not (MORE)
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Who believed in deism?

Deism is a relatively new religion that originated in many parts of Europe in around the 1700s. However to day there are deists in most "free" parts of the world. Free- Place (MORE)
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What is the significance of deism?

Deists are intellectuals. Deism is the belief in the existence of a God on the evidence of reason and nature only, with rejection of supernatural revelation. God created the U (MORE)
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What are the characteristics of deism?

Deists believe the universe has a Creator, but the nature of that Creator is something we must all discover for ourselves. Deism is a religion that uses both logic and reason (MORE)
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What is an example of deism?

You do not need organised religion to know that the universe is the product of an all powerful creator