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What are an atheist's deities?

'Deity' is basically a fancy word for God or other divine being.  Atheist means without theism or religion. So an atheist is somebody  who does not believe in god. They do n (MORE)

What is a topocosm deity?

  The topocosm deity is the intimate conscious circuit of energy native poeples felt from their environment. The living complex that co-evolved between the humans and non- (MORE)
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What deities are in Taoism?

There are no gods in pure Taoism. The so-called Shenxian ( gods) are but famous people in history or important natural elements. People call them Shenxian only to symbolize th (MORE)
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Who is the Muslim deity?

Allah is the Muslim deity. ANSWER Muslims believe in and worship the creator of all. The one and only God of Abraham. 4:125 And who is better in religion than one who sub (MORE)

What is sylvan deity?

Sylvan refers to a deity of the woods or the spirits of the woods.  A Sylvan deity can be a forest god, the god Pan, or a satyr.

What are the deities for Hinduism?

There are a multitude of Dieties in hinduism but the main three are Brahman (the creator), Shiva (the destroyer) and Vishnu (the preserver, he also takes the form of krishna). (MORE)

Who is the deity of Christianity?

God the father along with His Son Jesus Christ, assisted by the Holy Ghost, the three being absolutely equal in terms of Godhead, power and authority and not to be understood (MORE)

What are the deities of Hinduism?

In Hinduism it is believed that there is only one God that takes many different forms. There are over hundreds if thousands of forms, some of the most popular being Bramha, Vi (MORE)
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What are the deities of Judaism?

A deity is a god.   Judaism has only One God, the creator of the universe, who gave the  Torah. The Jews do not speak his name, which is יהוה , meaning "I was, am, an (MORE)

Who are the Buddhist deities?

Buddhism is practiced in many countries, with many cultures. The identification of deities in different countries, and among the different denominations of Buddhism varies. Th (MORE)