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What is del segno?

In music where there are many repeats of sections, or with complicated repeats that seem to go all over as the music progresses, there must be ways to get around the score in (MORE)

Where did the surname Del Rosario originate?

Despite it's origins in the Latin language word meaning "rose", the  proud and noble Spanish surname Del Rosario emerged from the  mountainous region near Santandar- in Old (MORE)

Does benicio del toro have a girlfriend?

Benicio is known to have many small affairs, and most of them are hard to track down. But Recently, he has been seen with a young red-haired actress/model from New England, (MORE)
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What is meant by del of pain?

This is a fake unit of measurement made popular by an internet rumor. A scale of pain measured in dols (1-10) is used sometimes, but is relative and the validity of it is ques (MORE)