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Who is shannon leto?

Shannon Leto is the drummer for 30 Seconds to Mars. Born march 9, 1970. He is Jared Leto's (lead singer) older brother.
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What is the Irish for 'Shannon'?

The River Shannon is An tSionainn. The last name can be an anglicization of: O'Shannon from Ó Seanáin Giltenan from Mac Giolla tSeanáin (Clare) Gilshenan from Mac Gioll (MORE)

What is shannon?

It is of Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Shannon is "old, ancient" is is both a boy and girl name and that of a river.
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Is there a Saint Shannon?

There is no Saint Shannon. However, there is a Saint Senan for which the River Shannon is believed to be named for.

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