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Are Kim Delaney and Dana Delany related?

No. Kim DelanEy and Dana Delany are NOT sisters. As demonstrated, their names are not spelled the same. They do favor each other so I get why people think they are related. (MORE)
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What does the family name Delaney mean?

From the Irish Ó Dubhshláine which translates as 'descendant of the dark man of the River Slaney'. from the alder grove or decendent of dubhshlaine.use
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Shelagh Delaney Pavan for a Dead Prince?

"Pavan for a Dead Prince" is a melancholic short story (by Shelagh Delaney) of a terminally ill young man who despite his youth, is bed-ridden. He is often visited by his clos (MORE)

What are good middle names for Delaney?

I like the names... Delaney Hope Delaney Faith Delaney Fay Delaney Jade Delaney Amara I am writing a novel with the main character being Delaney so this is just some of the na (MORE)

When did Kim Delaney win an Emmy?

On September 14, 1997, Kim Delaney won a Primetime Emmy as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She won for her performances as Detective Diane Russell on "NYPD B (MORE)
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What is the Delaney act?

A 1958 amendment to the Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic Act of 1938, named after Congressman James Delaney of New York. It states that no carcinogens shall be added to the supply of (MORE)