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What are the native delicacy in Bohol?

Here are some of the delicacies in Bohol:- Torta: A sweet cake made of flour, lard and egg yolks which Boholanos love to serve to visitors during celebrations Calamay: Stick (MORE)
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What are the famous delicacies in Nueva Ecija?

Nueva Ecija is famous for traditional Filipino delicacies, such as  the charcoal-baked bibingka (rice cake), salabat (ginger tea), and  puto bumbong. These can be purchased (MORE)

What is a french delicacy?

Escargots (snails, often stuffed back into cleaned shells and baked/broiled with garlic butter) and pate de fois gras, a rich spread made from fat goose livers, are both consi (MORE)
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What are the native delicacy in siquijor?

The most popular native delicacy in Siquijor is the torta, a type  of Filipino coffee cake that is similar to a muffin. Another common  native delicacy eaten there are sea u (MORE)
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What is the native delicacies in baguio?

Baguio's most famous native delicacy would be Pinikpikan. A soup made from chicken(butchered by hitting the bird with a stick several times then feathers are removed in open f (MORE)

Is Duck embryo a delicacy Philippines?

Duck embryos are a delicacy in the Philippines. Duck embryo eggs for eating are called 'balut' and are widely available in the Philippines. Many 'balut' farmers make a large a (MORE)
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Why are cigars a delicacy?

For premium hand made cigars, there are a lot of work involved for doing a single cigar. Starting with the tobacco plant itself, going through selecting the best leaves, stori (MORE)