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Why are snails a delicacy?

Well, I only know why French people eat snails. In France, when they were growing grapes in order to make wine (since France is the country of wine!) these snails were becomin (MORE)

What are the delicacies of Samar?

It's famous for smoked fish of what Filipinos called "TINAPA". They are also knowned for Pinato (like ampaw) made from fried rice grains and Curioso its a cookie.
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Are clams a delicacy?

  Depends on who you ask. Personally I find all clams whatever their size rather chewy. But given that, I would still probably count them as a delicacy.
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Why are cigars a delicacy?

For premium hand made cigars, there are a lot of work involved for doing a single cigar. Starting with the tobacco plant itself, going through selecting the best leaves, stori (MORE)

What does delicacy mean?

The quality of being delicate, which means fragile, easily broken or hurt, squeamish, meticulous and detailed. It also can mean a particularly rare and delicious food.
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Was the Titanic a delicacy?

I'm assuming you are speaking of the ship TITANIC. Delicacy usually refers to food. Was the ship considered a luxury? Yes, it had several luxurious cabins and ballrooms. Howev (MORE)

What is a delicacy in Ohio?

One food that is peculiar to Ohio, and considered a gourmet treat, is Cincinnati chili. It differs from other chili recipes in that the sauce contains a small amount of cocoa (MORE)