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What is the noun form of delicacy?

The word 'delicacy' is a noun form (delicacy, delicacies), a word for something pleasing to eat because it is rare or a luxury; a fineness of structure (the delicacy of the la (MORE)

What are some food delicacies in Davao?

One of the best food delicacies in davao is durian ( jam, tarts, candy, icecream, polvoron) pomelo, mangosteen, jackfruit,
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What are the main ingredients of native delicacies?

1.Rice-This may be in the form of ordinary rice or "malagkit"  (glutinous rice) and white pinipig.   2.Corn-This includes cornstarch,corn grits,and cornmeal.   3.Coco (MORE)

What is a french delicacy?

Escargots (snails, often stuffed back into cleaned shells and baked/broiled with garlic butter) and pate de fois gras, a rich spread made from fat goose livers, are both consi (MORE)

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What are the delicacies of Samar?

It's famous for smoked fish of what Filipinos called "TINAPA". They are also knowned for Pinato (like ampaw) made from fried rice grains and Curioso its a cookie.
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What is the meaning of native delicacies?

Native delicacies are special foods that are connected in some way  to a certain area. For example, one would not expect to find a  restaurant eating insects in America, whe (MORE)
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Why are cigars a delicacy?

For premium hand made cigars, there are a lot of work involved for doing a single cigar. Starting with the tobacco plant itself, going through selecting the best leaves, stori (MORE)

What is the history of native delicacies and their origin?

This would depend on the actual region you were wanting to know about. So, this will be a generic answer, since I'm not sure what areas you're specifically asking about. Each (MORE)