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Why is pie delicious?

The Fruit Inside It. No! Pie is delicioius because it is the most holy thing on this entire planet! Nobody cares about something like moldy cheese because it's just terrible (MORE)

How do you say they have delicious food in Japanese?

The Japanese word for "delicious" or "tasty" is 美味しい (oishii), so if you wanted to say "This restaurant has delicious food" it's このレストランは美味しい (MORE)
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Is delicious an adverb?

No, it's an adjective. Deliciously is an adverb.    Delicious is almost always used as an adjective, but you could turn  it into an adverb by adding an -ly, as in "She (MORE)

Where are golden delicious apples grown?

The Golden Delicious Apple was developed and is grown in West Virginia. It is grown to some degree in nearly every one of the 48 contiguous states, but most of the large-scale (MORE)
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How do you make delicious homemade cupcakes?

6 oz butter 6 oz sugar 3 eggs 6 oz self raising flour drop of vanilla essence or replace 1 tablespoon of flour with the same amount of cocoa Cream butter and sugar together. B (MORE)