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What rhymes with delicious?

ambitious . capricious . malicious . officious . propitious . seditious . superstitious . suspicious . vicious . nutritious
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The soup tastes delicious or deliciously?

Tastes is a linking verb in that sentence, so the correct choice is the adjective "delicious". A linking verb connects the subject to a subject complement and is not an actio (MORE)

Are tomatoes delicious?

well i can say that they are and it helps you digest your food better and it adds a wonderful color to food
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Is delicious an adverb?

No, it's an adjective. Deliciously is an adverb. Delicious is almost always used as an adjective, but you could turnit into an adverb by adding an -ly, as in "She was dancing (MORE)
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Why is cookies delicious?

Cookies are delicious because they contain sugar and oftenchocolate. Also, usually people choose cookie flavors they like sothey only associate them with good flavors.
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What is delicious in Italy?

It all depends on your own taste buds. However, Italian food is widely recognized as perhaps the most likable food worldwide.
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