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What is Turkish delight?

Turkish Delight is a mildly chewy fruit candy dusted with powdered sugar often with nut pieces suspended in it. The fruit flavor is mild but true (not artificial like fruit-fl (MORE)
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Is delight a noun?

Yes, it is a noun, meaning joy or pleasure. The verb "to delight"means to bring joy.

What rhymes with delighted?

alighted bedighted benighted disunited excited far-/long-/near-/second-/short-/ sighted foresighted highlighted invited knighted lighted mitered mitred moonlighted overexcited (MORE)
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Is delightful an adverb?

An adverb is a descriptive word that modifies a verb. 'Delightful' does not modify a verb (eg the sentence "Dave delightful glanced at Karen, who melted" does not make sense, (MORE)

What is delight need?

A delight need is that added value that a customer may get from the seller without prior expectation or request for the same. such value addition makes the customer delighted/ (MORE)
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What is mean by delight?

Delight means happiness or joy. It means that one is pleased withsomething. To be delighted is the opposite of being disappointed orunhappy with something. It is usually used (MORE)