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What is delineation?

It means to make a rough draft, outline or graft of something. A step by step plan. The term delineation means the action of portraying or describing something precisely. It (MORE)
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What is another word for delineate?

characterize, chart, define, depict, detail, draft, draw, figure, lay out, limn, mark, plot, portray, represent, sketch out, trace
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What are delineators when driving?

So I did not know that term either. I used to hear about delineators, channelizers etc. and did not really know what people were talking but in the last few years I've actuall (MORE)
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What is the meaning of the word delineated?

Delineated is the past participle and past tense of delineate. Three meanings that are attached to delineated are; to draw or trace the outline of; sketch out. To represent pi (MORE)
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What has the author Delin Fang written?

Delin Fang has written: 'Feng jiang da li de chen fu' -- subject(s): Governors, History, Politics and government, China, Local government, Biography 'Ru xue di wei ji yu s (MORE)
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What has the author Judy Delin written?

Judy Delin has written: 'Presupposition and shared knowledge in it-clefts' 'Cleft constructions in discourse' 'Syntactic constraints on discourse structure'