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What is the function of Delphi software?

  Delphi is software that runs under Windows that allows you to write other software that runs under Windows. It allows you to design forms with common Windows controls li (MORE)

What is a Delphi unit?

A Delphi unit is a separate file used to store procedures and functions. If you know what a form is, a unit is exactly the same, except it has no visual interface. So you can' (MORE)

Why was the oracle and the delphi important?

THE ORACLE: It was important because it delivered prophecies to the heroes so that they could know the future, especially when going on quests. DELPHI: She was the slayer of a (MORE)

What did the oracle at Delphi tell Creon?

  The oracle at Delphi told Creon that the plague on Thebes was caused by the presence of the murderer of the previous king, Laius, and that the murderer must be driven ou (MORE)

Why is Apollo the patron god of delphi?

Apollo's Oracle was located in Delphi, so he became the patron in order to look after it.
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Why did people go to the Oracle of Delphi?

It was dedicated to Apollo, the god of art and light. Many great rulers went to the oracle as well as ordinary people to get answers to all kinds of questions, like who would (MORE)

What was the purpose of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi?

According to Greek Myth, the Temple of Delphi was where the God Apollo slew the vicious Python. Afterwards, the temple became dedicated to the God, and Pythia, named for the P (MORE)

What is Delphi?

Delphi is the name of the commercial Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for RAD created by Borland (see Borland sold out Delphi and other RAD tools in (MORE)

How do you catch unhandled DLL exception Delphi?

  Use the 'Try' verb which has 2 syntaxes:   try   (your code goes here)   except   (code that you want to run only when an error in the above code happens)  (MORE)