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What is the song with the Song lyrics touchdown in the land of the delta blues?

The song is called "Walking in Memphis", originally written and sung by Marc Cohn, but I guess more famously known by the cover version done by Cher. Cohn released the song in (MORE)

What is spirituality?

It is an art of understanding what you are ,who you are, etc. When one rectifies his mistakes he comes to reality. When one understands his reality he comes to know what the s (MORE)
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Does the blue nile and the white nile form the nile delta?

The Blue Nile and the White Nile are each tributaries of the Nile River. The Nile Delta is at the northern end of the Nile where the Nile River meets the sea. But that is many (MORE)

What are deltas?

in geography and when talking about landforms, a delta is flat, low-lying land built up from soil carried downstream by a river & deposited at its mouth (end).

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