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What is deluge system?

A Deluge System is a fixed  fire protection system in which the pipe system is  empty until the deluge valve operates to distribute  pressurized water from open nozzles or (MORE)
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Who painted The Deluge in Louvre?

There are a number of paintings in the Louvre which bear the name "the Deluge" (or some derivative of that name), however you may be thinking of "The Deluge" by Anne-LouisGiro (MORE)
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How do you get legendary Pokémon in Pokémon deluge?

There is a game Pokemon deluge.. at you can catch legendary due to its region.... and check the information of the legendary Pokemon you want. then fol (MORE)

Where can catch Palkia in Pokemon deluge?

First go to the celestic town an talk to Cynthia and her grandmother. (enter the cave in celestic town and pess a near the painting in the cave, Cynthia will come and talk to (MORE)
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How do Pokemon evolve on Pokemon deluge?

First you have to get them to a certain level then you must go to my Pokemon and click the evolve button on the desired Pokemon. Then you choose which attacks you want and you (MORE)