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What is Joint Demand and Composite Demand?

Joint Demand When two or more goods are demanded to satisfy the same want, it is called JOINT DEMAND. A good example of joint demand would be a demand for sugar, coffee powd (MORE)

What are demand schedule and the demand curve?

A Demand Schedule is a table listing quantities demanded of a good at different prices For Example; Price ($) | Quantity Demanded (Units) 1 10 (MORE)

Why is the demand of transportation a derived demand?

The demand for transportation is said to be "derived" because the large majority of travel is not for the purposes of movement, but in order to reach destinations. When demand (MORE)

How does demand differ from the quantity demanded?

In economics, demand is defined as the quantity of a good or service consumers are willing and able to buy at a range of prices . Quantity demanded is defined as the q (MORE)

What is the difference between in demand and on demand?

In demand is a phrase that suggests economic scarcity ; that is, a good or service in demand is currently desired by a relatively large number of consumers who are both (MORE)

What are demand curve and demand schedule?

a demand curve is a single curve which slopes downwards from left to the right indicating an inverse relationship between price and quantity demanded. a demand schedule is a (MORE)