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What is 4 dementional?

four-dimensional describes something existing in four dimensions. The "real world" which we experience is often referred to as three-dimensional, meaning that any location can (MORE)

What are the 3 dementions?

To say that space has three dimensions basically means that it is possible to draw three lines, each perpendicular to the other two. For example, one line from north to south, (MORE)
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What is a demention?

it is place where people travel by space travel like in wrinkle in time they traveled to the fifth demention to find their dad that is what a demention is.

What are the dementions of one acres?

You can't tell. The area doesn't tell you the dimensions. There are an infinite number of shapes, all with different dimensions, that all have areas of 1 acre. "One acre" on (MORE)

What is stronger a 2 dementional structure or a 3 dementional?

That depends on where the forces will be coming from. If both structures are subjected to forces in 3 dimensions, then the 3 dimensional structure will be less apt to fall ove (MORE)
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What is a 3 demention?

Interpretation: 3 dimensions (aka 3D)- usually refers to a 3 dimensional geometric figure (e.g. cube, prism, etc.) or a movie in 3 dimensions with images that "pop out" at the (MORE)
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Is 1 dementional real?

no. take the small side of a piece of paper for example. there is still a very small width.