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How can we have peace?

At a time of war and hatred, the chance of achieving world peace looks pretty slim. But, do not get tangled in the "no can do" attitude that can tangle us further. By supporti (MORE)

Who is a Democrat?

Anybody can be a member of the Democratic Party. The DemocraticParty, like the Republican Party is made up of the 50 DemocraticParties in the individual states, and Puerto Ric (MORE)

What is the differences between Democratic Participant Theory and the Authoritarian Theory?

The democratization or democratic participant theory emphasizes and supports the following mentioned thing's importance:The media's multiplicity;Local nature of media;Usage o (MORE)
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What is peace?

peace=love Peace is... A world without wars A world without homeless people A world without hunger A world were people get along PEACE.LOVE.HAPPINESS Peace can be (MORE)